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Oct 14, 2012 2:00pm EDT
asked about ambassador stevens, a skilled career diplomat, and how he dealt with threats related to security. we told me that when there was a perceived threat in his running, he ceased running. when you and the colonel came up with an acceptable way to continue basin where he went, he ran again, but only under your authority and recommendation, is that correct? >> it is correct, chairman. >> did he do what you thought when you recommended it? did he change it at any time based on what you thought was best for his security? >> at no time or any concerns raised to me by ambassador stevens. the colonel, a senior member of the team, there were general concerns there might be over his schedule. one of wall received this morning was posted to facebook, we came across that threat as a result. senator mccain came out to post to review the elections, in early july. my point is that he was absolutely responsive when he referred to our concerns. >> thank you. yesterday you told us in testimony that you received from mr. nordstrom a recommendation, but not a request for more security. you a
Oct 20, 2012 10:00am EDT
is dr. steven bucci. his focus is special operations and cyber security. he commanded the third battalion fifth special forces and also became the military assistant to donald rumsfeld. at his retirement, -- prior to joining us, he was a leading consultant on cyber security. please welcome the in -- join me in welcoming steven bucci. [applause] >> we have a very timely subjects to discuss, and i think we have a great panel of experts that will be doing be discussing to get us started. i have been interested in this because one of the first things i did was testified before congress about the weapons of mass destruction threat that syria and the somewhat untimely demise might pose. i am interested to hear the answer to one of the questions i was asked. i want to tell you -- won't tell you, but we will hear what the experts have to say. we will have a minute or two for a short wrap up. those of you that have not been the panels have moderated before, if you get past the second piece of the english language and i don't hear a question mark, i will stop you. this is not the time to
Oct 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
the line of being corruption. as stevens said in his defense, it is interesting -- when i talk about corporations, i think about international oil bodies. when the majority talks about corporations, they are talking about companies that just happens to be inc.. that goes to michael's question about how do you write an law? >> i was earlier accused of being the hopeful aspirational voice, and this is really quite refreshing. i guess what are no interested in -- how hard is it to draw a bright minds? it is modeled. the -- it is muddled. how in some senses is speech and in some senses not. and i would argue, what exactly is the difference when i go in the ballot box and i go purely on my own economic interests. i do not want my taxes to be higher and i want -- i think this guy will make them lower. how is that different than i do not want the taxes on the corporation to be higher. it seems like trying to write these incredibly complex rules that people will just work around. maybe you can say -- what is the case, what is the vision? >> let's take a slightly different example. the differ
Oct 20, 2012 2:00pm EDT
many justices. i admire justice stevens. i knew him when a clerk at the court. justice roberts is a good justice too. never agree with every decision somebody and makes. the question is the approach to the law. did apply the constitution? our do they seek to impose our own political views on the bench. that is the test. >> thank you. >> this question deals of the second amendment regarding second amendment rights. you support second amendment rights. you would want to protect the rights of hunters and sportsmen. explained why as semiautomatic is something gun advocates would seek to limit or ban? why do these need to remain legal? >> that is not my only concern at all. i want to preserve what the second amendment says, which is the right to own arms. shall not be infringed. that is an individual right, like the other list of the bill rights. it belongs to us as individuals. that is what i am concerned with protecting. it is for purposes of self- defense. it does all sorts of purposes. that is my concern. what i think it's amazing is my opponent, when she represented this area i
Oct 14, 2012 10:30am EDT
/11, ambassador stevens and three other brave americans were killed in a terrorist attack in benghazi. the state department has made clear there were no protesters there. it was a preplanned assault by heavily armed men. wasn't this a massive intelligence failure? >> chris stevens was one of our best. we will find and bring to justice the men who did this. we will get to the bottom of it and wherever the facts lead us, we will make clear, whatever mistakes were made will not be made again. you should take a look at his most important responsibility. that is caring for the national security of the country. take a look at how he has handled the issues of the day. on iraq, the president has said he would end the war. governor romney said that was a tragic mistake. we should have left 30,000 troops there. with regard to afghanistan, he said he will end the war in 2014. governor romney said we should not set a date. when it came to osama bin laden, the president, the first day in office, i was sitting with him in the oval office and he called in the cia, my highest priority is to get bin laden. prior
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5